About Gerb

Among other things, I am a bassist, a music lover, a low-budget audiophile, and a dabbler in a variety of other hobbies and interests.  I am also a father of twins.

This blog will serve as my creative outlet, a place to capture ideas and ramblings primarily focused on the subject of bass.

I frequent several bass-related forums, under the common alias of “tubby.twins”.  You can also find occasional Twitter messages from me as “tubbytwins” but this doesn’t happen as frequently, mostly because I think Twitter is just silly (and very limiting:  I prefer the ability to write long, rambling posts).

I haven’t blogged for several years, so this is my “comeback”.  I made a half-assed attempt at maintaining a blog-like webpage for several years, and even dabbled with WordPress a bit along the way, but never seemed to find the motivation to keep it going.  Let’s hope this time is different!  I think I have a lot to share.