Two new Geckos; the “master plan”

Two new Gecko basses are in progress.  Pictures are posted at the usual forums.

I think I’ve modified my “master plan” for the Gecko necks and bodies.  This time I think it has become something that I can live with, enjoy, and eventually refine (over time).  I have a clear picture in mind of where I want to be, and what results I want to achieve.

As a part of this process, I have decided to (eventually) disassemble Gecko #2.  It has a smooth, lustrous Bubinga neck, with laminate stripes of Purpleheart and an absolutely gorgeous fingerboard made of Bloodwood.  The body is made of Mahogany (just like Gecko #1) with a laminate top of Makoré (also known as Makorie or African Cherry) and a gorgeous clear gloss finish.

This will be a somewhat bittersweet change to make, since it is a special bass to me.  I bought the neck and body in late 2006, and assembled this bass during my recovery from a minor surgical procedure, so I couldn’t spend quite as much time on it initially (because I was supposed to be laying down in bed).  I have also used it on several occasions to create very beautiful music in the presence of good friends and musical cohorts, and I have grown quite fond of its tone.  However, I believe that this transition will allow me to create two wonderful instruments which will be just as unique and special in their own way.

So I’ve decided to move this neck (#2) to my new Gecko body made of Swamp Ash which has a solid black finish.  The fingerboard will match the new Bloodwood thumb-rest that I have installed on this body, and I expect that the “sizzling” high tones of the Bloodwood fingerboard will pair nicely with the single pickup in the classic “bridge” position.  In short, this bass promises to be very rich in the midrange, with a good amount of treble detail as well.  Plus, the contrast of Bubinga, Bloodwood and solid black will be aesthetically pleasing, especially with chrome hardware.

After this move, Gecko body #2 (Makoré top) with its Delano “SBC Driver” pickups will then be paired with my existing Gecko neck #6 (Wenge with Ziricote fingerboard) which is currently installed on the all-Purpleheart Gecko body.  This combiration should provide a pleasing visual contrast, as well as a detailed, rich and very warm tone.  I expect this will work quite nicely with the midrange response of the Delano pickups.

Stay tuned for the rest of the “master plan”, including what neck will eventually end up on the all-Purpleheart body.  As I mentioned earlier, I think I am learning how to choose body and neck woods to match tonally as well as aesthetically.  I’ll post more updates on the results.

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