Gecko “turbo pickup” Black Korina body arrived; general status update

Yep, it’s finally here!  Actually it got here about a week ago, but I’ve been busy with Other Stuff ™ and haven’t had the chance to post about it yet.  Please forgive the lapse.  Anyway, pictures are here at the forums (again!).

So far I have installed the copper foil as shielding in the electronics cavity.  Though I almost never put electronics (per se) in a bass, so I suppose “wiring cavity” is a more appropriate name.  Anyway.  This time I am going to try copper foil as shielding for the pickup cavities as well.  No real need to do so, but I figured why not try it?

I haven’t decided for sure, but I *think* I am going to try this with two sets of pickups, which should work well due to the custom pickup routes.  First I would like to try a pair of Bartolini “classic bass” dual-coil soapbar pickups (recently removed from Gecko #2, see previous post).  These should really benefit from the new locations, since the neck pickup was always a bit muddy in the usual location.

Second, just for fun, I’d like to try a pair of my SGD “ND3″ humbucking neodymium powered pickups.  These are currently installed in the Purpleheart Gecko body.  I haven’t decided whether to bring the neck pickup, or the middle pickup (a.k.a. “thin focused bridge”).  But either way, the result should be sweet.

Of course I’ll stop along the way and get some samples recorded for the SGD “ND3″ pickups, for my ultimate pickup comparison, etc.  That would be good to do.

Currently I am waiting on a few things.  I need to buy my own Dremel multi-tool and grind down the bridge saddle points on a few of my Takeuchi bridges for Gecko.  Once that is done I will be able to get a nice low fretless action by bringing the strings closer to the fingerboard.  (I did this on my Purpleheart Gecko body, and it improved the action dramatically, almost as well as using a Kahler bridge in a recessed route.)

Next, I am waiting to receive a trio of SGD “Sidewinder” pickups, which are apparently done (or nearly so) and will be shipped to me soon.  Once this is done, I will be one step closer to completing the “Great Neck Swap of ’09″ and I will take the all-Purpleheart Gecko neck and install it on this new Black Korina body.  It’s going to look so nice.  I even carved myself a matching thumbrest out of an extra piece of Purpleheart!  (Gotta buy more sandpaper too.)

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