Maple necks

For a long time, I’ve been an anti-maple guy as far as bass necks go.  I’ve owned several basses with maple necks, and they never seemed to sound as good or stay as stable (during weather or humidity changes) as my raw, exotic wood Gecko 5-string fretless necks.  But lately I’ve been reconsidering my long-held opinion.

This Gecko 5 neck would look really nice with inlaid ebony fretlines and a clear satin finish.

Not that I don’t have enough basses, mind you.  But somehow I did end up with an extra Gecko 5 body… and this wouldn’t look bad with that…

Update: I was going to give some background as to why I’m changing my mind regarding maple necks, but my hosting provider’s database server went down, so all the lovely words that I typed are gone now.  Grr.  I’ll re-type later.

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