One more project completed…

As of now, the all-Purpleheart neck is now attached to the Black Korina body, with two P2 pickups in custom locations.  (Refer to earlier posts for more details.)  It sounds wonderful.  Nice punchy midrange, warm fundamentals, and lots of upper-mid details.  Moving the neck pickup to the “sweet spot” does wonders for a fretless bass.

Now, as it turns out, someone else on the TalkBass forums ordered a new fretless 6-string bass from Bee Basses, which has a similar (if not identical) pickup configuration.

Coincidence?  I think not.  :)

Of course, his bass has Delano pickups, and I’ve got a pair of those as well (in another bass) which I would love to try out in this bass.  But not  right away: the Bartolini “classic  bass” soapbars sound just fine in this configuration.

Now that this is complete, I’ve got one neck (all-Bubinga) that needs a body, and one body (figured Walnut over Mahogany) that needs a neck.  Unfortunately these two don’t look that nice together – the Bubinga and the figured Walnut are a bit too similar in color and grain for my taste – so, naturally, I ordered another neck from the Showcase for the body, and a custom-order body for the neck.

The neck is going to be a bit different from the others I’ve ordered so far, mostly because it is made of Maple.  I’ve had my own issues with Maple necks for a while, but I eventually broke down and ordered one.  It will have a clear satin finish, which won’t be so bad at all.

More details will be revealed in good time.

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