It isn’t easy for me to admit being indecisive about these things, but here it is.  Let’s rip off the scab.

I’ve never really liked Maple necks for various reasons, and since I’ve discovered raw (unfinished) exotic wood necks I have really had no reason to look back on gloss or satin neck finishes.  However, this Gecko neck in the Showcase still keeps calling my name.  I don’t know why it appeals to me.  I mean, if I got it, I’d pretty much need pay Warmoth put a finish on it, and since I don’t feel comfortable starting off with Tru-Oil by myself.

For that matter, I’ve sold most of the fretted basses that I’ve ever owned, including this fretted Gecko neck, which I really liked but ended up not playing all that much.  Why, you may ask?  Because of the frets.  I kept feeling like they got in my way, and never really let me express the true tone of the wood.  I owned it for 2 years and eventually ended up selling it to another bassist, who is enjoying it greatly.  But now I still have wacky ideas about getting another fretted Gecko neck.

In fact, let me show you where this is all leading.  I’ve been giving some consideration to building a modern equivalent of a Precision bass, implemented as a 5-string Gecko fretted bass with a Maple neck and a single pickup in the neck position.  Now those of you who know me well enough will probably see this as a bit inconsistent, since I usually favor the bridge pickup, fretless necks, and non-Maple necks.  Why am I continually drawn to this concept, even when on a rational level I know I probably wouldn’t be happy with the result?

Is it because I already have “enough” fretless Gecko basses?  Do I have “enough” basses which have only a bridge pickup (or a “sweet-spot” pickup)?  Am I subconsciously leaning this way because I know I am lacking this particular instrument in my arsenal of basses?  I’ve been giving more thought to Precision basses lately, without quite knowing why.

Maybe this is the first phase of the “mid-life crisis” after all.

PS – As much as I dislike the shape of the “split” Precision style pickup, I still find myself searching through eBay to look at 5-string Fender Precision basses.  Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

PPS – In addition to all the things I promised myself I’d never consider buying, there is the issue of string trees.  I’ve always disliked these, and have been fortunate enough to never have owned a bass with a string tree.  Can I draw the line somewhere?  Or am I going to change my mind about string trees next?

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